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SiteApps slices and dices your Google Analytics data to uncover hidden optimization opportunities

The Optimization Command Center for the SMB Website

SiteApps is designed for you - the business owner or marketer - to update, enhance and optimize the most valuable asset of your digital presence.

The "un-techie" platform

SiteApps requires no technical knowledge. Once you've installed our tag (just like the Google Analytics tag) you are ready to install apps on your web site with no future changes, ever.

The whole definition of "web site manager" changes: today the role of manager falls in the hands of the techie, who is not necessarily the most business-oriented person in the organization. With SiteApps, finally the people most interested on the progress of the web site will be responsible for change.

Hundreds of apps ready to be installed

Browse, search and test hundreds of applications on your web site at the click of your mouse.

TAny enhancement you want to perform on yout site can be defined as an "app" - and there are so many possibilties that it would be impossible to describe them

Apps range from social media widgets to analytics extensions, from adding a Santa Hat to your logo to splash banners, from feedback forms to design improvements. All of these apps can be tested on your live web site and be installed in minutes.

Personalization made easy

In the very near future, the notion of a one-to-many web is going to seem ridiculous. Create remarkable personalized experiences with SiteApps segmentation.

Personalization (or on-site behavioral targeting) is the capability to identity valuable visitor segments and serve customized content based on their characteristics. With SiteApps, you can not only select the app you want to install but also configure which users will see this app.

Use the SiteApps platform personalization filters to customize how the app will be installed on your site:

The ultimate segmentation toolkit

Get even more personal, use our drag and drop interface to create your own user segments using BTBuckets: an on-site behavioral targeting platform that is now part of SiteApps.

Segment your users based on behavioral, demographic, and technographic information to show any app.

For example, checkout a user segment for users from San Francisco on an iPad who came from techcrunch.com and who visited either page_a or