Secure Your Site, Build Customer Trust

Retail value of $100

Only $20/year At 365ezone

Benefits of Having a Certificate

70% of online customers look for a website's security certificate before giving their personal information. Give your business instant credibility by displaying this certificate.

Worth $100, it's affordable at $20/year

With SiteLock Basic, you get:

SiteLock Verification Certificate

Show customers that they can trust your site and increase conversions.

Spam Monitoring

Checks your site daily to make sure you're free of spam lists.

Malware Monitoring

Scans your site daily for Malware that would block visitors

Business Verification

Validates that your business exists and can be trusted.

Additional Features:

XSS Scripting

This scan checks for a cross-site scripting attack which allows a hacker to take control of the code on your website in order to solicit personal information from your customers.

SQL Injection

This scan checks for attacks on your database where confidential information is stored. Each field and form is scanned to make sure there are no vulnerabilities.

App Scanning

This scan checks all the applications that have been installed (Flash, Wordpress, etc.) and used on your site for possible vulnerabilities within the version installed.

Site security for only $20/year!