Every 365ezone Cloud is 100% Custom !

365ezone cloud datacenters all feature multiple gigabits of connectivity to multiple "Tier 1" backbones to handle even the most demanding needs. Use our test file to gauge network performance


Gigabit Connectivity to Multiple Carriers

High Availability

The cloud operates as part of a cluster. If a node in the cluster fails your VPS is automatically started on a standby node.

Free Migration Assistance

Changing hosting doesn't have to be a hassle. We are more than happy to assist in moving your data from your old web host.

Xen Hypervisor

We utilize the industry standard Xen hypervisor. Xen provides the benefit of reserved RAM and storage along with enhanced QoS policies to ensure you receive the resources you pay for.

Unlimited VMS

Configure unlimited virtual machines within your resource limits. Every cloud is a collection of resources that can be divided as you see fit, create hundreds of small VMs or 1 large VM -- it is up to you.


Purchase as much backup space as needed. Via our control panel you can create on-demand backups, configure which servers have backups performed on a schedule, and convert backups into custom templates.