How 365ezone offer unlimited hosting? helps you to create large websites without worrying about ceiling or in other words, the upper limit. It provides for Unlimited space usages and bandwidth that allows you to add any amount of content to the website. People are thinking that hard disk size limited as 80 GB, 250 GB, 1TB. But how can 365ezone gives unlimited webspace? The actual concept is we do not give unlimited hard disk space, we are giving unlimited usages of web space. It means that if u will use 100 GB space then we will add more hard disk to our server or we will add new server in our network. Like that we will fulfill your unlimited usages.

When you use the service provided by 365ezone, the visitors of your website also stand to benefit from it. They are able to view unlimited content and page on your website. The server allows for unlimited data transfer as well. You can add more content every month and enjoy unlimited disk space and data transfer through the Our server.

It has been noticed that people who make use of are able to gain to unlimited disk space and bandwidth. But this is subject to the appropriate usage of the package offered. However, 365ezone has certain constraints related to the type of material that may be added to the website. The server does not allow you to upload unnecessary pirated software, unnecessary audio or video files. But audio / video streaming is supported. File sharing with copyrighted file is supported. For example, a software developer can release his software with us, a DJ can publish his album with us without any issue, they are (or, like them) most welcome to our host.

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